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องค์กร (ENTERPRISE) ​


บนฐานของการพัฒนาศักยภาพนวัตกรรมองค์กร ประกอบด้วย 3 หลักสูตร

SME TO IBE : SME To Innovation Based Enterprise

The program enhances the capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises towards transforming the business with an innovative thinking base. It aims to create a change maker with seeking features, challenging goals, seeing opportunities from problems and making opportunities come true (Become) by enhancing knowledge and strategies to lead the business to concrete change alongside human resource development.

IDE TO IPO : Innovation Driven Enterprise To Initial Public Offering

Activities to develop innovative capabilities for entrepreneurs To create knowledge and understanding of innovation and create ideas from real experience in managing business strategy so that innovative entrepreneurs, business owners or stakeholders have knowledge and understanding of various elements, leading to the promotion and extension of entrepreneurs to understand the patterns and preparation of companies to be listed on the stock exchange.

IOP : Innovative Oraganization Program

The project enhances the ability to manage innovation within the organization to have the potential to develop and drive the right innovation, which is important today at all organizations. It faces many challenges, with comprehensive processes ranging from cognitive building to organizational development, innovation, education, analysis and periodic assessment of the potential of corporate innovation. 

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