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10 เครื่องมือและทรัพยากรสนับสนุน

  Developed tools will help develop innovative ideas and skills. Keeping pace with knowledge in a changing technological age Using data to align your business with future trends People Management Skills Organizations and relationships to build networks, including the use of technology to help develop business potential and enhance investment with financial knowledge and access to support of public and private agencies, to close weaknesses and prepare businesses in a comprehensive way, as well as to encourage entrepreneurs to see opportunities to initiate and build innovative businesses.

5 เครื่องมือพัฒนา ศักยภาพด้านนวัตกรรม​​

1. MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses)

  For those who are interested in learning for themselves. Fill in the knowledge of creating innovative businesses from the basic level (Explore), the level of operations that penetrate the industry. By learning through two video clips: VDO Online Course and Documentary Base, the assessment system to receive a certificate of completion by the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization).

2.Ignition (Thought Spark tool)

  Activities to promote knowledge and develop innovative skills Build strong knowledge both theoretical and practical. To try to start innovating, such as training, there are both classrooms and flipped classrooms, workshops have subprocesses such as discussions, group work, seminars, through invitations to speakers to give solo lectures or group lectures. Webinars, field trips, learning stations, camps, apprenticeships, presentations, innovation development through hackathon competitions


  The innovative business incubator is a business building tool from an early stage, focusing on developing individuals' potential to think and plan business operations. Inventing a new business model that increases profits in leaps and bounds, controlled management. Build the foundation of business operations for future growth

4.Acceleration (Growth Accelerator)

  Growth Accelerator is an accelerator tool to strengthen and shape the growth map of an innovative business. Identifying opportunities for expansion and access to funding sources National and global markets and cooperation

5.Networking (Network linking tool)

  Network connectivity tools are an important tool for expanding the circle of business. Connect partners to support strong interfaith work. Expand investment base, trade Marketing with enhanced capabilities and strengths There are both formal and informal activities such as mingles, matching, co-creating, meetings and exchanges with founder meetings, and pitching & demo presentations.

3 ทรัพยากรสนับสนุน​

1.Expert pool (Expert Group)

  A group of experts for intensive knowledge and experience support in various ways, such as speakers, consultants such as business consultors and advisors such as technology advisors, innovation leaders, mentors/ assistants, coaches such as business coaches, career coaches, one-on-one coaching, and investors, as well as assessors and guides on the development of corporate innovation potential.


  For those who are interested in and value future thinking and use this vision tool to help you visualize the future, the goals will arise. To be used in national strategic design and planning. Industry and enterprise levels


  Funding mechanisms for start-ups for youth, such as competitions, youth startup funds, and new investments for innovative entrepreneurs, such as the Open Innovation Grant and targeted innovation grants. (Thematic Innovation Grant) for new investment for socioeconomic innovation entrepreneurs, as well as linking external sources of funding in both Angle Investor and Venture Capital (VC) formats.

2 เครื่องมือประเมิน และกำหนดมาตรฐาน​

1. IOP Assessment & Certification

  Innovative Organization Model that can assess strengths and weaknesses for the development of key dimensions to become a national innovation organization. With an innovative enterprise certification system, there are two forms: online self evaluation and expert assessment to identify opportunities for on-site assessment.

2.Capability Assessment & Certification

  Tracking system for designing appropriate potential development plans to enhance specific abilities, with learning standards to issue certificates or certificates of competency for participants (Certificates), and for those who want to be trained representatives in various courses of the NIA Academy, such as certified incubators and certified youth course instructors (CERTIFIED STEAM4INNOVATOR's Trainer).

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