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SPACE economy

Enterprise development activities begin with deep technology in the space economy.

SpaceTech helps to strengthen entrepreneurial capabilities and nurture startups that use deep technology to provide prototype products or services that meet market needs through deep tech-specific learning courses and startup entrepreneurship. With cooperation from large business sectors participating, expert groups, mentors. Experienced coaches and speakers provide knowledge and guidance throughout the project, as well as opportunities to present to investors to expand their business growth in the future.


About 3 months



Languages used




เร็วๆ นี้…


  • To organize incubation activities for the Build and develop the capabilities of start-up enterprises that use deep technology in the space economy. Incubation for SpaceTech Startup
  • To develop the products or services of start-up enterprises to become products or services to bring to market and expand their business results in Thailand (SpaceTech Startup Capability).
  • To develop a network of congregations. Government agencies and the private sector To support and drive startups that use deep technology in the space economy (Network for SpaceTech Startup).

Target Group

  • Startups
  • researcher
  • What to expect


    Learning experiences from space industry experts


    Technology consulting and business models


    Opportunities to develop technology for practical purposes


    Opportunities for access to prototype development grants


    Market access and investment opportunities through a network of partner organizations

    Course structure

    SPACE economy

      Learning Goals

    • Access Industry Insight
    • Understand channels and go-to-market approaches
    • Access the experiences of other innovative entrepreneurs to guide their businesses.
    • Opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences with other participants

      Learning Goals

    • Understand and learn opportunities, problems, obstacles from real work.
    • Provide guidance on the development of innovation by visualizing both the technology and its use in the industry, and creating business opportunities.
    • Crystallize co-creation and MVP ideas and ideas.
    • Solve problems and overcome the challenges of technology and business in working with organizations.
    • Create in-depth technology to further expand your business in the future.

     Learning Goals

    • To develop minimum viable product (MVP) with large participating companies.



    Activities to promote knowledge and develop innovation skills Build strong knowledge in both theory and practice to experiment and innovate, such as: Camps, theoretical trainings, and workshops 

    Incubation (Innovative Business Incubator)

    It is a business building tool from the beginning, focusing on developing the potential of individuals to innovate and plan business operations. By innovating a new business model that leapfrogs profits, controlled management has created the foundation for future growth.

    Networking (Network Link tool)

    Networking and leading channels, proposing a business plan for business expansion (Pitching & Demo)

    Fund (Capital)

    Funding mechanisms to support innovative entrepreneurs in the space economy to develop prototypes of products or services, including linking funding sources from a network of partner organizations.

    Capability Assessment & Certification (Tool bundles (Standardized and certified)

     Tracking system for evaluating the innovation potential of individuals (Tracking System) To design appropriate capacity development plans to enhance specific competencies and to provide certificates to those who have completed the course.

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