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Public and Private Chief Innovation Leadership

Workshops to develop innovative capabilities For young leaders in the public and private sectors

  Workshops to develop innovative capabilities for young leaders in the public and private sectors It aims to reshape the mindset of a new generation of middle management executives who will grow to a high level of leadership, including government agencies, private sectors, military, police. politician To create leaps and bounds of change with the skills and approach to laying the foundation for policy innovation in a public context born on cooperation from all sectors, linking work between agencies. The public, private and civil society sectors can create a network of future innovation leaders who will drive policy innovation to real effect.


  • To create and develop a "Workshop to Develop Innovative Capabilities for Young Leaders in the Public and Private Sectors" program that focuses on creative thinking processes and builds a policy innovation base.
  • To empower public and private leaders to have innovative ideas by developing knowledge and understanding, nurturing skills and paradigms, transforming them into young leaders with innovative ideas and networking collaborations to drive the country in all dimensions and drive these leaders to be part of a good innovation ecosystem.
  • To drive the creation of a policy network between both public and private leaders, until a network of leaders of public and private organizations can be created in groups that play a role in innovating.
  • As a basis for developing innovative policies that can lead to successful practices in the future.

What to expect

  • Creating Participants to Be Leaders and Innovation Executives (Chief Innovation Leadership)
  • Building a new generation network from both the public and private sectors (Policy Network)
  • Creating innovative co-creation spaces and areas of creating innovative pilot opportunities (sandboxes) to tackle crises
  • Driving Innovation Policy
  • Participation in a network of luminaries at home and abroad

Target Group

The management group decides policy and the intermediate level is not less than 70 People from 5 groups with the following proportions:

  • Public Sector 40%
  • Private Sector 40%
  • National Security Sector 10%
  • Political Sector 5%
  • Media Sector 5%

This course is suitable for

  • A new generation of leaders who will lead the change in the future.
  • Those who are interested in creating changes in policy structures that lead to changes at both the organizational and national level.

Applicant Qualifications

  • Executives make policy decisions and intermediate levels.
  • Applicants must have at least 5 years of experience at the executive level.
  • Specializes in field and experience in innovation development.
  • There is an idea to develop the proposed policy innovations for the application. Important, feasible, and highly impactful.

How to sign up

  • สมัครได้ที่นี่ เร็วๆ นี้...


  • 50 hours over the course
  • 1 day a week
  • Held weekly for 3 months, totaling 10 - 11 weeks.

More Information

  • Language: Thai/English
  • Declaration : Yes

Course structure
 The curriculum has a format and content that is highlighted by talent creation. Thoughtful. Make decisions and connect innovations, as well as Innovative policy driven approach by dividing structures The course is divided into 3 tools:
1. Foresight Tools

  That strengthens the ability to predict the future to identify opportunities, challenges, and important problems in the future to serve as a challenge for policy design, consisting of important sub-tools. as follows

  • Trend and Uncertainty Analysis: It opens up perspective to explore the signs or factors that will determine the future. An in-depth understanding of trending factors and uncertainties
  • Developing a visual scene to analyze the choice of a possible future. (Future Scenario Development): It is the use of analytical Future Insight data to develop into images or scenarios that can occur in the future based on possible alternatives.
  • Risk Management: A tool for identifying risks and assessing the possibilities and impacts of various risk factors.
  • Crisis Management: Using risk management tools to plan for future challenges or future challenges.
  • Change Management: Selecting opportunities or challenges that are policy goals and designing changes to transition to specific goals.
2. Tools for Design Thinking Tools)

  This strengthens the ability to understand the problems of different target audiences and design innovations to meet them.

  • Empathy: The application of tools to help understand the real needs and insights of the target audience so that policies can be developed to meet the needs effectively.
  • Innovative Design (Ideate): The application of a wide range of tools to achieve a variety of ideas or alternatives to solve the problems that define and meet the needs of as many target audiences as possible.
  • Innovation Ecosystem: Understanding the Ecosystem of Innovation Development It can analyze problems or problems systematically, and prioritize summaries and select issues.
3. Tools for policy development and design (Policy Design Tools)

  That enhances the skills of designing and developing policies for trainees.

  • Policy Design: Understanding the principles of practical policy design, trappings in policy thinking and driving, as well as testing designed policy innovation models.
  • Policy Innovation: Able to develop different, highly impacted policy innovations. It's highly likely, and there are rational internal links.
  • Policy Communication: Designing innovative policy communications to be supported.
  • Policy Convincing: Designing innovative policy communication processes to be accepted, gaining faith both in the early stages and in the long run.



Activities to promote knowledge and develop innovative skills Build strong knowledge in both theory and practice to try and start innovating such as training, workshop, seminar, webinar, field research. Field Trip, Innovation Development through Hackathon to Create New Ideas and Innovations and Presentations, Innovative Policies developed and deliver innovation to utilization agencies.

Networking (Network Link tool)

Networking of partners and cooperation at home and abroad

Expert pool

More than 30 speakers and innovation leaders from both domestic and international speakers and lectures

Foresight (Future Trends Data)

Promote future thinking with tools that help you see the goals that will arise to be used in design and strategic planning at both national, industrial and enterprise levels.

Capability Assessment & Certification (Tool bundles (Standardized and certified)

Tracking and collecting assessment of a person's innovation potential (Tracking System) to issue a certificate or certificate of knowledge

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